We focus on providing energy efficient lighting solutions at the lowest price possible.


Distribution & Wholesale
From local to nationwide manufacturers, we provide energy efficient lighting products for our customers. Less common products can be stocked locally with customer's request. We also develop new lighting products with our manufacturers to meet the swift changing demands of the lighting market.

Lighting Retrofits
Reducing energy consumption of lighting sources is one of the most effective and easy way to reduce over energy consumption. We take care of our customers from energy audits, installation, recycling, maintenance, all while being code compliant. 

Rebates & Incentives
Energy saving solutions are often incentivized by utility companies but can be difficult to participate in due to various requirements. With our extensive experience in rebate & incentive programs, we make it possible for our customers to take full advantage of all the resources available.

Energy Efficiency & Consulting
Depending on the customer's industry, we can recommend and help implement various non-lighting and lighting energy saving solutions for our customers.

With scheduled maintenance and on-call maintenance support, our customers will always have their energy efficient facilities functioning at its full capacity.

Our recycling service is convenient and budget friendly so that our customers can meet disposal compliance laws without the hassle.

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